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Update: Please note that major changes to this website are imminent. Long story short - I miss my old photoblogging roots. The current backend simply does not meet those needs. I am excited and looking forward to providing a constant fresh stream of photojournalism and related writing and I encourage you to check back here frequently. Thank you!

Update 2: Seriously. There are major changes planned, filled with site transfers and metadata management and all sorts of wild shenanigans. Change is afoot, and it is time to get back to my prolific publishing days. Stay tuned!

Welcome to my online photography home! I'm Philip Ejercito, freelance photographer based in Madison, Wisconsin. This site is a constant work in progress, but rest assured that I am available for live music photography, news and event coverage, environmental portraiture, severe weather coverage, and much more. Please feel free to browse the archives on my Flickr site and stop through my YouTube channel for videos. Please contact me if you're interested in working together.

Also, I'm sure some of you found your way while I was out shooting for Dane 101, Isthmus, The Capital Times, or The Clarion. Check out those sites to find my photos from whatever I was out shooting when I met you. Also, I'd love it if you would email me to say hi and let me know you found your way to my site, because let's face it - you're awesome and I want to hear from you.


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